Keeping Faculty, Management & Students Involved and Informed

By using Hanan ERP staff or employees can login to their portal and can edit their profile details, they have an option to apply for leave directly from their portal, the leave approval and rejection process is applied.

Teaching staff can enter the student’s marks at their own convenient time and place, once they enter the marks a report card will be automatically generated by the system. Teachers can create Assignments and Homework for students directly from the portal. Teachers can be in touch with parents.

Teachers can mark the attendance register of their designated standards. On a single click they can check and/or print their pay slips. They don’t have to wait for management to issue pay slips. All the information related to their standards and their personal information will be accessed via their portal.

  •   Features

1 - Teachers can remotely login to their classes.
2 - The can enter their class attendance details.
3 - They can enter marks of their assigned subject from their login.
4 - They can see or provide feedback to the parents about their Child
5 - Teachers can print the progress report.
6 - Teachers can check their own Time Table
7 - Teachers can check their pay slip.
8 - Teachers can apply for leave (Self Service).
9 - Teachers can post the Assignments / Home works.

Perfect Eductional ERP for any Institution's

Hanan ERP Software is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff, Parents and Students.