Management Benefits

SmartSchool ERP Software is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff, Parents and Students. SmartSchool ERP handles all the requirements for easy Education Management. This software will help the Schools / Collages / Universities / Training Center's to structuralize the activities and maintain data transparecy where needed and properly store data for regular operations and future analysis. This ERP has a powerful online community to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. 

Paper less office, all the data will be on cloud, you can access your data from anywhere through Cloud. Single click reports, you can save lot of time for generating the reports. It's easy to work on SmartSchool ERP software.

You do not have to install anything on your computer. SmartSchool is web based enterprise software. That means you use it in your favorite browser. SmartSchool is plugin friendly and allows you to activate and deactivate the various options, and you can easly assign the permission on the screens to the users. 

  •   Administration
  •   Student
  •   Accounts
  •   Reports
  •   Inventory

1 - You can easily setup your school details, standards, sections, subjects to standards, grading system and much more. The user freiendly setup system lets you capture prints and modifications can be done any time.

You do not have to install anything on your computer. Smart School is web based ERP. You just need a computer and Internet Access to start using SmartSchool ERP Software.

Our system also comes with an alert and notification system that sends automated notifications via E-mailand/or SMS (Conditions Apply).

2 - At the beginning of each academic year a massive number of students seek admission to schools. This results in chaos in the admission process due to congestion and long queues. However, using the SmartSchool ERP System the admission process becomes easy and orderly saving you time and money. Accurate records are maintained resulting in no chance for mistakes. You don’t have to worry about lost paper trails of student records.

In this module you can edit the student details, with a sigle click promote them to next grades, and have a bonafide certificate issued.

Different types of reports are available for checking the student records.

3 - It is an open secret that in most Educational Institutions Accounting is a daunting task that is often mishandled. It is a problem to know which student has paid for what and when and the onus is thrown upon the student to produce some receipt to prove payment. This is frustrating and causes conflict as no one keeps receipts for long. By using the SmartSchool ERP it’s a few seconds work. Using this system it’s very easy to collect fees, issue receipts and look up payment histories.

Just a few clicks away you can find out the due fee report and fee collection report, Complete Institution Expenses can be maintained very easily. You will find many account related reports with graphical view, you can download the reports in Excel Format or print easily.

No prior accounting knowledge is necessary for you to use the SmartSchool Accounting Module.

4 - There are number of reports available in SmartSchool ERP, if you want to customize any report feel free to contact us.

What ever information you need relating to your institution, its on your fingure tips, you get the complete interactive information on a single click away. You can download the reports in CSV format or you can print the reports.

Get a graphical analysis of student performance with the help of SmartSchool ERP. Other graphical reports are also available for Examinations, Students, Transport, Inventory, Hostel, Asset, HR, Finance and much more.

5 - Inventory management is a computer-based system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and payments due to suppliers. This is a fine tuned inventory system for Institutions. It’s Easy to use and track inventory levels.

Inventory management is made up of several key components, all working together to create a cohesive inventory management for the Institution.

Complete transactions done at inventory level are recorded and can be viewad at a Trial Balance Report or individual reports.

Perfect Eductional ERP for any Institution's

SmartSchool ERP Software is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff, Parents and Students.