Keeping Parents & Guardians Involved and Informed

Each student's academic information from SmartSchool software is immediately available to parents/Guardian. This information is protected like all other information in SmartSchool software and each parent/Guardian is only able to see the information of his or her own child.

If a parent/Guardian has more than one child at the school, the parent will be able to see the academic information of all of their children once they login to the system using their user name and password.

There is no delay between the time that a teacher enters a Marks, a student's attendance status, Assignments, homework, or work notes and when parents can see the information. When SmartSchool ERP has been configured to share the information, parents can see it instantly.

  •   Features

1 - Parents can check their childrens profile and can update their kids profile details.
2 - Parents can see their childrens attendence details.
3 - Parents can access children's progress report.
4 - Parents can see the childrens / students Assignments / Homework.
5 - Parents can see the schools notice board and class notices.
6 - Parents can access fee receipts, library book details, transporation details.
7 - Parents can contact pricipal or chairman directly.
8 - Parents can view Thoughof the day.
9 - Parents can view the Notice Board.
10 - Parents will be able to provide feedback about the teachers and school facilities to the management directly.

Perfect Eductional ERP for any Institution's

SmartSchool ERP Software is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff, Parents and Students.